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Metropolis Gallery is proud to announce it’s first in-person exhibition in two years, highlighting the work of Simone Bianchi and Ken Lashley. Each of whom bring years of expertise and dynamic illustration to the forefront in their work. The opening was on October 8th and the show will run through the end of the year.

Click here to view Bianchi and Lashley in an exclusive online preview and interview hosted by Metropolis' Vincent Zurzolo and Micah Spivak, viewable our  YouTube channel, hosted by Comic Art Fans. 

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Simone Bianchi, an award-winning Italian painter whose work has graced the covers and interiors of countless major comic book titles, for over a decade he worked exclusively for Marvel, on titles including WOLVERINE, ASTONISHING X-MEN, THOR: FOR ASGARD, UNCANNY X-FORCE, THANOS RISING, NEW AVENGERS, THOR AND LOKI THE TENTH REALM, AMAZING SPIDERMAN, and STAR WARS. he also was tasked with redesigning the official X-Men costumes. In 2019 he illustrated the miniseries SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER, written by Mark Millar, for Netflix. For DC COMICS he painted more than 30 DETECTIVE COMICS/BATMAN covers and in 2020 he drew and painted the story A WAR WITHIN for the 80th Joker Anniversary book. In 2018 Simone illustrated the entire series of Marvel Masterpieces trading cards for The Upper Deck Company, many of these painting were featured in a previous exhibit at the Metropolis Gallery.

Simone’s paintings have a depth and texture that are rarely achieved, he brings heightened realism and incredible power to his representations of some of the greatest heroes in comics. In addition to a variety of covers, interior pages, and preliminary drawings, Bianchi has created several pieces exclusively for this exhibition, giving his take on some of comics most classic images including The Incredible Hulk #181 and Silver Surfer #4.

Ken Lashley is a Canadian artist who has become one of the go-to cover artists for both Marvel and DC Comics. His work has been featured in numerous high-profile books, including multiple BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and JUSTICE LEAGUE titles, as well as X-MEN, AVENGERS, and STAR WARS. Lashley was the regular artist on BLACK PANTHER during the run that introduced Shuri and had her become the new Black Panther, a storyline that will be adapted in Marvel Studios upcoming Black Panther 2. He has also provided work for a bevy of advertising and toy packaging for Hasbro Toys.

Ken has recently been selected to provide covers to DC’s NEXT BATMAN: SECOND SON, which introduces a new, African American Batman to wear the cape and cowl. The selection of Ken’s work on display includes numerous Marvel and DC covers, and also interior pages from CARNAGE: BLACK, WHITE AND BLOOD, X-MEN GOLD, and several pages from his historic run on Black Panther, along with illustrations and preliminary drawings.

Lashley’s work contains so much energy it appears to leap off the page, his technique is both modern and also true to the great history of artists that have come before him. Ken has established himself as a major talent, with his kinetic drawing and ability to make everything stand out from the pack.

We can’t wait for people to be able to come to the gallery and see all of this incredible artwork, it truly does need to be seen in person if at all possible.

Click here to view all of the art for sale

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